The Elavate Blind System: Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar; The New Elevate System

So, you’re wondering about the New Elavate System from Eclipse; What is it? How does it work? Do you really need it? The answer is simple – if you’re looking for the elite combination of Style and Practicality then yes, you absolutely do need this smooth and stunning System for your home – and we’re about to tell you why.

Is the Elavate System available for any Blind style?

Perfect for complimenting your décor, the Elavate Blind system is available in 3 hugely popular Blind styles sure to catch your eye; Choose from Pleated, Honeycomb or Venetian Blinds for your Elavate System and bring effortless style right to your fingertips.

Let us quickly break it down for you – to make finding the right Style for you a little easier:

  • Pleated Blinds come in 20mm pleats and offer fantastic control over Lighting and Privacy
  • Honeycomb Blinds conceal the Holes and Cords in the Fabric giving a much cleaner look
  • Venetian Blinds come as 25mm aluminium slats and a huge range of Designs and Finishes to really let your creativity shine.

How does Elavate work?

This is probably your main question, right? Or what makes the Elavate System different from any other Blind? Well, the Elavate System has absolutely no chain, cord or wand mechanisms – so, no loose controls hanging around and ruining the aesthetic of your neat and tidy décor.

This smooth-operating system could not be simpler; using the Bottom Bar, simply raise and lower your Blind to wherever you please – open, closed, partially open, partially closed – the Elavate Blind will stay exactly where you want it. With the Venetian Blind style, just lift the bottom bar slightly to tilt the slats to your preference – so easy!

Can my Elavate System be Motorized?

We’re knee deep in the age of Technology – so it’s only right that this new Blind system dives in with us. Elavate Blinds can absolutely be motorized; control your Blinds with just the click of a button or, with the multi-channel remote, have your Matilda moment and control several Blinds at once!

The Elavate System is also compatible with Powershade Smart Hub, Alexa or Google Home – perhaps, you’ve got an iPhone or Android as well? Powershade Smart Controller allows you to control not just one, or two, but all of the Motorized Blinds in your house from wherever you are with WIFI connection! If all that’s not enough, you can Schedule your Blinds to close at Specific Times, providing added security for your home when you’re away! The Power is quite literally in your hands.


We know that last part has completely blown your mind already – but there’s more to come!
Thinking of Child-Proofing your home for a new arrival? Well you can forget about Child-Proofing your Elavate Blind because we did all the hard work for you.
The Elavate System is completely Child-Safe by design which makes it unique from most Blind Operating Systems you’ve seen before; there are no free-hanging Cords, Chains or anything that little ones can get their hands on.

Materials for my Elavate Blind

Eclipse have combined the Elavate Blind System with their Outstanding Senses Cassette range – if you haven’t heard about this gorgeous collection then let us run it by you quickly. The Senses Cassette is available in White, Black, Cream, Gunmetal Grey, Bronze and Silver – with complimenting Endcaps in White, Black Chrome, Cream, Brushed Silver, Brushed Bronze and Chrome. The best part about the Senses Cassette range is that it’s available for a huge range of Blind styles beyond the Elavate System. So, you can coordinate your whole house, keeping on top of that desired aesthetic.

The Venetian Elavate Range is available in a huge selection of fantastic designs; from plain-coloured and perfect patterns to wonderful wood-effects and fabulous finishes – maybe a vibrant red with a metallic finish to show off your flamboyant side, or perhaps a classic cream with perforated finishes to let the light shine through? It’s all down to you.

There’s so much to choose from in our ranges of Pleated and Honeycomb materials – you absolutely can’t go wrong with a choice from neat-looking neutrals, fantastic florals and geometric patterns, as well as exotic colour hues. You can even keep it practical with the hugely popular Blackout material – absolutely ideal for Bedrooms and Nurseries.

Raise that Bar

Now that you’ve decided that you absolutely must have the Elavate Blind System in your home and no other Blind will compare to the sheer joy and happiness you get thinking about this simply stunning and smooth-sailing system – it’s high time you got in touch.

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