Printed Blinds

For Something Totally Unique

For a truly personalised and completely unique blind, we can offer Printed Blinds. The Roller blinds are printed in-house, using our materials and designers, and they can make a stunning addition to any home or commercial environment and can instantly instantly stand out. We can use any image you want and print it to a size you want for a truly bespoke blind. You can send us an image, whether it be a cherished family photo, a drawing or piece of artwork, or just a picture that you like the look of, and we can produce a truly unique roller printed blind for you.

If you want this service but don’t have an image ready to use, you can still make a request and we can have an image designed by a professional for you, based on your specification. Why not look through an extensive photo stock library and give yourself some inspiration – Adobe Stock

For businesses and commercial environments, we can use your logo, company branding and identity to create a visually stunning, eye-catching advertising piece, which will make you stand out from your competition. So if you have a cafe, a shop or even an office on the high street, Printed Blinds afford you an extra advertising opportunity whilst still providing an essential and practical purpose.

Our Printed Blinds are available in both standard and Blackout varieties, a perfect choice for giving a nursery or a child’s room a touch of personality and individuality.

If you are interested in knowing more about Boston Blinds, be sure to get in touch with us via email, phone or through our website – Contact Us.

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