How to Keep it Cool in Hot Weather

How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather

How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather

How to Keep it Cool During Hot Weather

We all have our own ways of keeping cool during the summer; air-Conditioning, fans, ice-cream, paddling pools, looser clothing – all perfectly reasonable, especially the ice-cream.
There are plenty of tricks to keep yourself cool, but have you ever considered a more energy-efficient approach to keeping your home cool, without sending your electric bill sky high? We’ve got all the know-how on how to save your energy this summer – with the best selection of Blinds, Shutters and Curtains perfectly suited to keep your home cool.

#1 Special Fabric Performances

You’ve probably seen a few of our products advertised as either SPC or ASC Blinds, including Collections from the Roller, Vertical and Pleated Blind ranges, but what does this actually mean? SPC is a Solar Protective Coating and ASC offers an Advance Solar Coating; both of which offer a reflective layer on the back of the Fabric.

This reflective coating is on the back of the Fabric, so won’t affect whichever stunning colour or design that you’ve chosen for your Blind. These fantastic Solar-Protective fabrics reflect sunlight out away from the room – an incredibly energy-efficient way to keep your home cool during those pesky heatwaves. Our brilliant Blackout Fabrics work in a similar way; blocking out UV Rays so your room can stay cooled down during the day; also available in a range of Blind types including Roller, Vertical and Pleated.

Keep Cool

Infusion ASC Mandarin Pleated Blind

#2 Home Automation

We know that this idea of high-tech living can be daunting, but it’s not as bad as it seems; the Home Automation systems were designed purely for your benefit. The idea behind this fantastic system is that during the summer, when it’s scorching outside and you’re out of the house all day at work or on a family outing, you can control your Blinds from your phone.

With your Blinds up during the day your house is just sat absorbing all that heat from the sun, waiting for you to come home to what is essentially a massive oven. With Home Automation, you can control your Blinds with an app on your iPhone or Android – enabling you to lower your Blinds from wherever you are (with WI-FI access) if you find the weather creeping up past the low-20’s.
You can connect your Blinds to devices such as Alexa, Google Home and Home Hub apps.

Keep Cool in Hot Weather

Powershade Smarthub Motorised Blinds

#3 Light Colours

It’s like they say, wearing Black clothing when the sun is shining is a definite DON’T – and the same rules should apply for your home.

If your home tends to get particularly hot during the summer months, then you absolutely must stay away from those darker colour hues – shades of Dark Greys and Black in particular. An efficient and economical solution to keeping cool is to dress your windows with the lighter colours. Classic shades of White especially are great for reflecting the Sunlight back outside where it belongs, and don’t attract the sun like those darker colour hues do. You get that natural glow from the combination of sunlight and the lighter Blind colour, but without over-heating your home.

White Collection Pleated Blind`

White Collection Pleated Blind

#4 Perfect Fit for the Conservatory (Roof)

The Conservatory is undoubtedly the most open-spaced and sun-exposed room in the house; cooling down the conservatory can be hugely important when it comes to keeping the whole house cool. Now, when it comes to the best way to avoid over-heating in the conservatory, there’s a few little facts and figures you need to know about first. Up to 80% of heat from the sun/outside comes through the roof of the conservatory (and vice-versa for heat escaping during winter), so to avoid spending hundreds of pounds getting your whole conservatory dressed – you should really focus on the roof as priority.

In terms of efficiency and economic benefits, your best course of action is to fit your Conservatory roof frames with Perfect Fit Blinds (with a Solar-Reflective material for optimum effect) – and keep them closed during major periods of hot weather or just generally when you’re not using them. As for your Side Conservatory Windows, you could choose to have a classic Vertical (which is hugely popular conservatory choice), or if you’re not looking to dress your roof with a Blind, then adding a Perfect Fit Blind to the side windows is also greatly beneficial in terms of keeping out the heat.

How to keep cool in hot weather

Hot Dog

#5 A Few General Tips on how to Keep Cool in Hot Weather

We’ve told you all about how you can save energy and keep cool with the choice of an efficient Blind type, and you’ve probably already picked out your new Solar-Protective Blind, right?
Just as a little something extra for you, we’ve put together a lift of our best tips for keeping cool during a heatwave too;

– Choosing a light-weight bedding – Cotton sheets are a must during a heatwave!

– Hot Water Bottle – works both ways, hot water for a toasty winter and stick it in the freezer for a great ice-pack!

– Loose Clothing is definitely what you need when the sun is beaming down all day – soft cotton shirts or skirts!

– Instead of letting your electric fan push the warm air around the room, face it out of the window – this way it will filter out the warm air in the room!

– Kick your partner out of the bed; their body heat is sending your temperature sky-high – you know you want to.

– Drink a glass of water before bed, sweating in the night causes dehydration and nobody likes waking up in the morning feeling like you’ve just survived a week in the Sahara.

– Switch to energy-saving light bulbs – your standard light bulbs can give off heat as well as light.

                                                                       – Your feet have loads of pulse points that are sensitive to temperature – cool down your feet to cool down your whole body!