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cosy cost-cutting christmas

Cosy Cost-Cutting Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

Twas’ the night before Christmas and Santa is near; your plans for New Years are ever so clear. The Blinds in your window are old and quite torn, and the curtains upstairs are awfully worn. But under the tree is a gift just for you; a new Roller Blind and a Venetian Blind too. Your Christmas is filled with dreams of décor and come Christmas morning they are dreams no more.

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to get into the holiday spirit with some cosy and cost-cutting Christmas tips – and we’ve got plenty.

The Best Blinds for a Cosy Christmas

You must know by now about the huge selection of colours and designs we have to offer. From the ruby reds of Rudolph’s nose to snow whites and Christmas tree greens. But what else can we offer you to make this Christmas the cosiest of all?

Let’s talk practicality, shall we? Not only does Winter bring us all our favourite holiday, but it also brings low temperatures that make us all want to stay in bed. Instead of sending those energy bills soaring this Christmas time, why not treat yourself to one of these luxurious Blinds, made especially to keep you warm and cosy this Winter?

– Roman Blinds and Curtains. Double up with a Roman and Curtain combo to add that extra layer of insulation. This close-textured material is perfect for keeping out the cold air.

– Wooden Blinds and Shutters. Did you know that wood is a natural insulator? Choosing any wooden Blind is a fantastic way to retain heat in the home and keep on trend with a real authentic look.

– Hive Pleated Blinds. Hive Pleated Blinds have a honeycomb cell design, so all that pesky cold air gets trapped in the cell compartment. Make sure you pick a colour from our huge range that will perfectly match your Christmas décor!

If, like me, you like to turn your home into Winter Wonderland during the holiday season – then we have just the thing for you! Our personalised Roller Blinds let you choose your very own high definition image to print onto Roller fabric. Maybe a snowy backdrop, Santa’s reindeer or even a family portrait of the whole gang in front of a Christmassy mantlepiece! It’s all up to you!

Home-made Christmas Decoration Ideas

So, you’ve decided to treat yourself to one of our outstanding Blinds this Christmas, who can blame you? But what are you going to do with the old Blinds that you’re replacing? Don’t worry, the big blog of, cosy, cost-cutting Christmas ideas has got your back. Check out these fantastic ideas for upcycling your old Blinds into festive decorations for the whole family!

– Old wooden slats: they served you well as a Blind but their reign in the window is up, but they’re not done yet. Turn your old wooden slats into an array of fantastic decorations; a picture frame with the little one’s drawings of Santa Claus, a DIY Santa sleigh, or even a rustic-look picnic basket to hold all of the Xmas treats.

– Roller Blind materials: Cut your roller blinds into 1-inch strips, then link them together in a chain-like structure to make some DIY tinsel for the tree, or to hang around your new Wooden Slat picture frame!

– Roman and Curtain Materials: The luxuriously soft fabric of Roman Blinds and Curtains are perfect for sewing together a selection of reusable gift or shopping bags! An absolute must have for the Christmas Season!

Got any other cosy and cost-cutting Christmas ideas for us? Get in touch with our team and we’ll be more than happy to feature your ideas in this blog!

The Elavate Blind System: Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar; The New Elevate System

So, you’re wondering about the New Elavate System from Eclipse; What is it? How does it work? Do you really need it? The answer is simple – if you’re looking for the elite combination of Style and Practicality then yes, you absolutely do need this smooth and stunning System for your home – and we’re about to tell you why.

Is the Elavate System available for any Blind style?

Perfect for complimenting your décor, the Elavate Blind system is available in 3 hugely popular Blind styles sure to catch your eye; Choose from Pleated, Honeycomb or Venetian Blinds for your Elavate System and bring effortless style right to your fingertips.

Let us quickly break it down for you – to make finding the right Style for you a little easier:

  • Pleated Blinds come in 20mm pleats and offer fantastic control over Lighting and Privacy
  • Honeycomb Blinds conceal the Holes and Cords in the Fabric giving a much cleaner look
  • Venetian Blinds come as 25mm aluminium slats and a huge range of Designs and Finishes to really let your creativity shine.

How does Elavate work?

This is probably your main question, right? Or what makes the Elavate System different from any other Blind? Well, the Elavate System has absolutely no chain, cord or wand mechanisms – so, no loose controls hanging around and ruining the aesthetic of your neat and tidy décor.

This smooth-operating system could not be simpler; using the Bottom Bar, simply raise and lower your Blind to wherever you please – open, closed, partially open, partially closed – the Elavate Blind will stay exactly where you want it. With the Venetian Blind style, just lift the bottom bar slightly to tilt the slats to your preference – so easy!

Can my Elavate System be Motorized?

We’re knee deep in the age of Technology – so it’s only right that this new Blind system dives in with us. Elavate Blinds can absolutely be motorized; control your Blinds with just the click of a button or, with the multi-channel remote, have your Matilda moment and control several Blinds at once!

The Elavate System is also compatible with Powershade Smart Hub, Alexa or Google Home – perhaps, you’ve got an iPhone or Android as well? Powershade Smart Controller allows you to control not just one, or two, but all of the Motorized Blinds in your house from wherever you are with WIFI connection! If all that’s not enough, you can Schedule your Blinds to close at Specific Times, providing added security for your home when you’re away! The Power is quite literally in your hands.


We know that last part has completely blown your mind already – but there’s more to come!
Thinking of Child-Proofing your home for a new arrival? Well you can forget about Child-Proofing your Elavate Blind because we did all the hard work for you.
The Elavate System is completely Child-Safe by design which makes it unique from most Blind Operating Systems you’ve seen before; there are no free-hanging Cords, Chains or anything that little ones can get their hands on.

Materials for my Elavate Blind

Eclipse have combined the Elavate Blind System with their Outstanding Senses Cassette range – if you haven’t heard about this gorgeous collection then let us run it by you quickly. The Senses Cassette is available in White, Black, Cream, Gunmetal Grey, Bronze and Silver – with complimenting Endcaps in White, Black Chrome, Cream, Brushed Silver, Brushed Bronze and Chrome. The best part about the Senses Cassette range is that it’s available for a huge range of Blind styles beyond the Elavate System. So, you can coordinate your whole house, keeping on top of that desired aesthetic.

The Venetian Elavate Range is available in a huge selection of fantastic designs; from plain-coloured and perfect patterns to wonderful wood-effects and fabulous finishes – maybe a vibrant red with a metallic finish to show off your flamboyant side, or perhaps a classic cream with perforated finishes to let the light shine through? It’s all down to you.

There’s so much to choose from in our ranges of Pleated and Honeycomb materials – you absolutely can’t go wrong with a choice from neat-looking neutrals, fantastic florals and geometric patterns, as well as exotic colour hues. You can even keep it practical with the hugely popular Blackout material – absolutely ideal for Bedrooms and Nurseries.

Raise that Bar

Now that you’ve decided that you absolutely must have the Elavate Blind System in your home and no other Blind will compare to the sheer joy and happiness you get thinking about this simply stunning and smooth-sailing system – it’s high time you got in touch.

How to Keep it Cool in Hot Weather

How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather

How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather

How to Keep it Cool During Hot Weather

We all have our own ways of keeping cool during the summer; air-Conditioning, fans, ice-cream, paddling pools, looser clothing – all perfectly reasonable, especially the ice-cream.
There are plenty of tricks to keep yourself cool, but have you ever considered a more energy-efficient approach to keeping your home cool, without sending your electric bill sky high? We’ve got all the know-how on how to save your energy this summer – with the best selection of Blinds, Shutters and Curtains perfectly suited to keep your home cool.

#1 Special Fabric Performances

You’ve probably seen a few of our products advertised as either SPC or ASC Blinds, including Collections from the Roller, Vertical and Pleated Blind ranges, but what does this actually mean? SPC is a Solar Protective Coating and ASC offers an Advance Solar Coating; both of which offer a reflective layer on the back of the Fabric.

This reflective coating is on the back of the Fabric, so won’t affect whichever stunning colour or design that you’ve chosen for your Blind. These fantastic Solar-Protective fabrics reflect sunlight out away from the room – an incredibly energy-efficient way to keep your home cool during those pesky heatwaves. Our brilliant Blackout Fabrics work in a similar way; blocking out UV Rays so your room can stay cooled down during the day; also available in a range of Blind types including Roller, Vertical and Pleated.

Keep Cool

Infusion ASC Mandarin Pleated Blind

#2 Home Automation

We know that this idea of high-tech living can be daunting, but it’s not as bad as it seems; the Home Automation systems were designed purely for your benefit. The idea behind this fantastic system is that during the summer, when it’s scorching outside and you’re out of the house all day at work or on a family outing, you can control your Blinds from your phone.

With your Blinds up during the day your house is just sat absorbing all that heat from the sun, waiting for you to come home to what is essentially a massive oven. With Home Automation, you can control your Blinds with an app on your iPhone or Android – enabling you to lower your Blinds from wherever you are (with WI-FI access) if you find the weather creeping up past the low-20’s.
You can connect your Blinds to devices such as Alexa, Google Home and Home Hub apps.

Keep Cool in Hot Weather

Powershade Smarthub Motorised Blinds

#3 Light Colours

It’s like they say, wearing Black clothing when the sun is shining is a definite DON’T – and the same rules should apply for your home.

If your home tends to get particularly hot during the summer months, then you absolutely must stay away from those darker colour hues – shades of Dark Greys and Black in particular. An efficient and economical solution to keeping cool is to dress your windows with the lighter colours. Classic shades of White especially are great for reflecting the Sunlight back outside where it belongs, and don’t attract the sun like those darker colour hues do. You get that natural glow from the combination of sunlight and the lighter Blind colour, but without over-heating your home.

White Collection Pleated Blind`

White Collection Pleated Blind

#4 Perfect Fit for the Conservatory (Roof)

The Conservatory is undoubtedly the most open-spaced and sun-exposed room in the house; cooling down the conservatory can be hugely important when it comes to keeping the whole house cool. Now, when it comes to the best way to avoid over-heating in the conservatory, there’s a few little facts and figures you need to know about first. Up to 80% of heat from the sun/outside comes through the roof of the conservatory (and vice-versa for heat escaping during winter), so to avoid spending hundreds of pounds getting your whole conservatory dressed – you should really focus on the roof as priority.

In terms of efficiency and economic benefits, your best course of action is to fit your Conservatory roof frames with Perfect Fit Blinds (with a Solar-Reflective material for optimum effect) – and keep them closed during major periods of hot weather or just generally when you’re not using them. As for your Side Conservatory Windows, you could choose to have a classic Vertical (which is hugely popular conservatory choice), or if you’re not looking to dress your roof with a Blind, then adding a Perfect Fit Blind to the side windows is also greatly beneficial in terms of keeping out the heat.

How to keep cool in hot weather

Hot Dog

#5 A Few General Tips on how to Keep Cool in Hot Weather

We’ve told you all about how you can save energy and keep cool with the choice of an efficient Blind type, and you’ve probably already picked out your new Solar-Protective Blind, right?
Just as a little something extra for you, we’ve put together a lift of our best tips for keeping cool during a heatwave too;

– Choosing a light-weight bedding – Cotton sheets are a must during a heatwave!

– Hot Water Bottle – works both ways, hot water for a toasty winter and stick it in the freezer for a great ice-pack!

– Loose Clothing is definitely what you need when the sun is beaming down all day – soft cotton shirts or skirts!

– Instead of letting your electric fan push the warm air around the room, face it out of the window – this way it will filter out the warm air in the room!

– Kick your partner out of the bed; their body heat is sending your temperature sky-high – you know you want to.

– Drink a glass of water before bed, sweating in the night causes dehydration and nobody likes waking up in the morning feeling like you’ve just survived a week in the Sahara.

– Switch to energy-saving light bulbs – your standard light bulbs can give off heat as well as light.

                                                                       – Your feet have loads of pulse points that are sensitive to temperature – cool down your feet to cool down your whole body!

The Best Blackout Blinds Available

Aslan Blackout Roller Blind

Aslan Blackout Roller Blinds

The Top 5 Best Blackout Blinds Available

Before we dive into the top 5 best Blackout Blinds available, let’s take a minute to talk about what ‘Blackout’ actually means.
So, the general function of the Blackout Blind is to prevent unwanted light from entering a room. The Blackout properties are actually found within the fabric of the Blind, but there are some frame or cassette types out there that provide aid to this effect. When looking to buy a Blackout Blind, you’ll rarely find a Blind that promotes 100% Blackout effect. Depending on the fit and frame structure, this is very rarely the case. Light can seep through Blackout Blinds – but they are still massively effective in preventing light intake and have a much better effect than your standard shading in terms of better sleep or relaxation during daylight hours.

If you work the night shift and struggle to sleep with the light pouring in after a hard shift. Or if your little one is awake way past bedtime because the sun is just too bright – then don’t worry. We’ve put together the top 5 blackout Blinds perfect for getting that much needed rest during the day.

#5  Vertical Blackout Blinds

Starting us off at number five is the Blackout Vertical Blind. The Vertical Blind is often considered the UK’s most popular Blind style due to its elegant look. But did you know how hugely practical this Blind can be? Our Vertical Blind range offers a vast selection of Blackout fabrics in various colours, patterns and designs. We bet you’re wondering why the Blackout Vertical Blind is not top dog in our list? Well, like most ‘Blackout’ Blinds, a little bit of light can seep through the slats in the Vertical Blind. Even though the louvres do overlap slightly when the Blind is closed, you still get that glow of sunlight creeping through the slats.

Believe it or not, Blackout Blinds don’t have to be traditional Plain colours. We’ve got a huge selection of Patterns, including the incredible Romany Blackout Vertical Blind. The Romany design offers a unique scratch-effect pattern featured on the star of the show – our Blackout Fabric. The Romany Blind also features Water-Proof and Fire-Retardant Properties.

Romany Vogue Vertical Blind Blackout Blinds

Romany Vogue Blackout Vertical Blind

#4 Roller Blackout Blinds

Joining us at number 4 is the classic Blackout Roller Blind. A fantastically versatile Blind with a vast selection of Colours, Patterns and Designs with Blackout Properties. Again, 100% Blackout effect is not guaranteed with this Blind, but it comes pretty close to the mark – light may creep in down the sides (between the fabric and the recess). Although, when it come to the fabric – light doesn’t stand a chance.

When it comes to choosing a Blackout fabric design for your Roller Blind; we’ve decided to showcase our incredible Disney collection from Louvolite – for the little ones. This incredible Collection features our Blackout material and is perfect for Children’s bedrooms or Nurseries (those afternoon naps and early nights can be a real pain when the sun is still beaming down).

Louvolite Disney Collection Toy Story, Dumbo, Princess, Mickey Mouse Blackout Blinds

Louvolite Disney Collection

#3 Perfect Fit Blackout Blinds

The Perfect Fit Blind Hardware combined with a Honeycomb Blackout fabric is an outstanding choice in terms of optimum Blackout effect. The Frame is fitted with brackets directly onto your PVC Window, Door or Conservatory (no screwdriver needed!) – but like other Blackout Blinds, there isn’t a 100% guarantee Blackout effect on this Blind, due to a very miniscule gap between the hardware and the Fabric which ultimately gives less of a bright beam of light, and more of a glow.

For optimum Blackout effect with your Perfect Fit Blind you can’t go wrong with the Hive Matrix Bo Collection; the Honeycomb Fabric on its own gives a greater Blackout effect than your average Pleated fabric, as the double layering conceals the drilled cords and holes – so light can’t get through! The Hive Blackout Fabric is really the cherry on top; the added Blackout effect fabric makes this Blind an ideal choice to suit your personal preferences.

Perfect Fit Hive

Perfect Fit Hive Blackout

#2 Elavate Blinds

Sitting steadily at number two is the brand new Elavate Blind System from Eclipse; more specifically, the Honeycomb Pleated Elavate Blind. This Blind offers an outstanding level of Blackout effect. Leaving very little space between the fabric and the recess for light to seep through. The Elavate Blind is fitted with a tensioning system (no free-hanging controls!) but can also be motorised if that’s what you’re looking for. So, the Honeycomb Fabric is 100% recommended by us for peak Blackout effect. With the concealment of the drilled holes and cords in the fabric, light can’t get through as many access points as the standard Pleated Blind.

Looking for style as well as practicality? The Hive Bo Colours Collection offers a fantastic range of Vibrant or darker colour hues on our Blackout Fabric; a great aid for getting those early nights in!

Hive Colours Collection

Pleated Blind Hive Colours Collection

#1 The Blockout Roller Blind

Here we have it, the champion of the Blackout blinds – The Blockout Roller Blind. This Blind is fitted with Side channels and the option of an added bottom channel and is manufactured by Louvolite. This Blackout Blind is at the top of our list for a variety of reasons. The side channels eliminate light trying to enter through the side of the recess, and the fabrics we offer for this Blind are simply breath-taking (if we do say so ourselves!).

Now, we consider the Blockout Roller Blind to be 99% Blackout due to the teeny-tiny amount of light that may creep through around the Cassette; but out of all the Blackout Blinds available, this one comes closest to the mark.

The perfect pairing for your Blockout Roller Blind has to be the incredible Banlight Dark Collection; these natural darker colour hues give you just that little bit extra when it comes to Blackout effect.

So, whether it’s a painful night shift, a cheeky afternoon nap or an early night for your little one – we’ve got the know-how on the top 5 Blackout Blinds available, just for you! Have a browse through the hundreds of Collections we have to offer in these Blind types and find your ideal Blackout Blind with us.

Real Wooden vs Faux-wood Blinds

Real Wooden versus Faux-wood Blinds

50mm Fired Walnut Slat – Real Wooden versus Faux-wood Blinds


Should I Go with the Faux? Real Wooden vs Faux-wood Blinds

It’s a battle of the blinds are we’re here to keep the peace. The question of Faux wood vs Real Wooden blinds is a conflict keeping every homeowner up at night, but we’ve got all the facts to help put your minds at ease.

Both offer a timeless, classy finish to the room of your choice, but what are the major underlying differences? In terms of style, they are similar in their versatility. We offer both Faux and Wooden blinds in a range of colours and grains. From the effectively authentic browns and beiges, to the modern and simple greys and whites.

So, whether you’re hitting that rustic, up-cycle look or a sleek and simple finish – we’ve got a blind for you.

Fauxwood Wooden Venetian Blind

Available in 35mm/50mm – Orion Slats with Vamp Tapes

How do Real Wooden and Faux-wood Blinds work?

Real and Faux wooden blinds come in the Venetian style, that is, horizontal slats attached vertically by string. If you’re not loving the idea of having the exposed attachments, we offer a wide range of coloured tapes (strips of fabrics) that lay vertically over this giving a more tidy finish to the look.

Sunwood Wooden Venetian Blind

50mm Acacia Slats with Dove Tapes

Now, both styles work similarly in how you manoeuvre them. They are controlled by cords at each side of the blind. The right-side cord raises and lowers the blind, the left-side cord is used to tilt the slats. This allows control over light exposure as well as privacy.

Maybe you want a little sunshine but don’t want the whole neighbourhood watching you do your laundry? Just tilt your slats upwards to let in the light whilst also keeping your privacy in-tact.

Are they safe for children?

The idea of having cords hanging around can be scary – especially if you’ve got little ones running around. Not to worry – a new legislation was introduced way back in 2014 which requires the cords to be at least 1.5m above the floor. As well as this, a small plastic cleat is fitted to the side, to tie up any excess cord!

Real Wooden versus Faux-wood blinds

50mm Acacia Slat

Can Real Wooden and Faux-wood Blinds go in any location?

So, the first thing to think about here is the cords. With the new safety legislation cords are much shorter, and therefore would be difficult to control if placed – for example – behind a kitchen counter or sink.

This, however, is where we come to one of our differences between Faux and Real Wooden blinds. Unlike Faux Wood, Real Wood blinds can be motorised. So you can control those hard to reach blinds with just the click of a button. Very handy – right?

Another thing to consider in terms of location is the materials. Faux wood blinds are made from PVC, where our Real Wood blinds are formed from sustainable Basswood. Neither materials are suitable for an open reflective space like a conservatory. The consistent change in temperature in conservatories can distort the materials.

In terms of kitchens and bathrooms, or generally any room where moisture may be an issue, Faux Wood has the advantage. Real Wood blinds do not fend well against water exposure, but the PVC material is water resistant – so more suited to these types of rooms than Real wood!

Both are easily cleaned, however, because of their materials. Just give them the odd dusting and use a damp cloth on PVC if necessary. Although – be careful – because our Wooden Blinds are stained, any cleaning chemicals could possibly distort the colour!

Fauxwood Venetian Blind

Faux-wood PVC Bathroom

Which one will be nicer to my bank account?

Even though the Faux Wooden blinds are heavier material than the Real Wood, they are generally cheaper!

Other Strengths/Limitations

Real Wood blinds come in a slightly wider range than Faux wood – this is based upon the slat sizes. We offer the Real Wood blind slats in 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. The Faux Wood have larger slats that we offer only in 35mm or 50mm. Also, due to the 50mm slats being the most popular choice, we offer a wider range of Real Wood colours this size compared to other sizes. The larger slat blinds seem to be a top choice for some. This is perhaps because of the larger gaps letting in more sunlight than the smaller, more compact slats.
Now even though PVC are generally the more financially preferred option, Real Wood blinds have their advantages too. As a lighter material, Real Wood Venetians are also available in Perfect Fit blinds – another great choice for your home!

Sunwood Wooden Venetian Blind

50mm Urban Oak Slat

Have you made your choice?

At the end of the day, we’ve may have the know-how, but you have the final decision. Two perfectly stylish choices with their own advantages – think practicality, think style, think about what’s best for your desired location. Now that you know, best have a browse …