Real Wooden vs Faux-wood Blinds

Real Wooden versus Faux-wood Blinds

50mm Fired Walnut Slat – Real Wooden versus Faux-wood Blinds


Should I Go with the Faux? Real Wooden vs Faux-wood Blinds

It’s a battle of the blinds are we’re here to keep the peace. The question of Faux wood vs Real Wooden blinds is a conflict keeping every homeowner up at night, but we’ve got all the facts to help put your minds at ease.

Both offer a timeless, classy finish to the room of your choice, but what are the major underlying differences? In terms of style, they are similar in their versatility. We offer both Faux and Wooden blinds in a range of colours and grains. From the effectively authentic browns and beiges, to the modern and simple greys and whites.

So, whether you’re hitting that rustic, up-cycle look or a sleek and simple finish – we’ve got a blind for you.

Fauxwood Wooden Venetian Blind

Available in 35mm/50mm – Orion Slats with Vamp Tapes

How do Real Wooden and Faux-wood Blinds work?

Real and Faux wooden blinds come in the Venetian style, that is, horizontal slats attached vertically by string. If you’re not loving the idea of having the exposed attachments, we offer a wide range of coloured tapes (strips of fabrics) that lay vertically over this giving a more tidy finish to the look.

Sunwood Wooden Venetian Blind

50mm Acacia Slats with Dove Tapes

Now, both styles work similarly in how you manoeuvre them. They are controlled by cords at each side of the blind. The right-side cord raises and lowers the blind, the left-side cord is used to tilt the slats. This allows control over light exposure as well as privacy.

Maybe you want a little sunshine but don’t want the whole neighbourhood watching you do your laundry? Just tilt your slats upwards to let in the light whilst also keeping your privacy in-tact.

Are they safe for children?

The idea of having cords hanging around can be scary – especially if you’ve got little ones running around. Not to worry – a new legislation was introduced way back in 2014 which requires the cords to be at least 1.5m above the floor. As well as this, a small plastic cleat is fitted to the side, to tie up any excess cord!

Real Wooden versus Faux-wood blinds

50mm Acacia Slat

Can Real Wooden and Faux-wood Blinds go in any location?

So, the first thing to think about here is the cords. With the new safety legislation cords are much shorter, and therefore would be difficult to control if placed – for example – behind a kitchen counter or sink.

This, however, is where we come to one of our differences between Faux and Real Wooden blinds. Unlike Faux Wood, Real Wood blinds can be motorised. So you can control those hard to reach blinds with just the click of a button. Very handy – right?

Another thing to consider in terms of location is the materials. Faux wood blinds are made from PVC, where our Real Wood blinds are formed from sustainable Basswood. Neither materials are suitable for an open reflective space like a conservatory. The consistent change in temperature in conservatories can distort the materials.

In terms of kitchens and bathrooms, or generally any room where moisture may be an issue, Faux Wood has the advantage. Real Wood blinds do not fend well against water exposure, but the PVC material is water resistant – so more suited to these types of rooms than Real wood!

Both are easily cleaned, however, because of their materials. Just give them the odd dusting and use a damp cloth on PVC if necessary. Although – be careful – because our Wooden Blinds are stained, any cleaning chemicals could possibly distort the colour!

Fauxwood Venetian Blind

Faux-wood PVC Bathroom

Which one will be nicer to my bank account?

Even though the Faux Wooden blinds are heavier material than the Real Wood, they are generally cheaper!

Other Strengths/Limitations

Real Wood blinds come in a slightly wider range than Faux wood – this is based upon the slat sizes. We offer the Real Wood blind slats in 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. The Faux Wood have larger slats that we offer only in 35mm or 50mm. Also, due to the 50mm slats being the most popular choice, we offer a wider range of Real Wood colours this size compared to other sizes. The larger slat blinds seem to be a top choice for some. This is perhaps because of the larger gaps letting in more sunlight than the smaller, more compact slats.
Now even though PVC are generally the more financially preferred option, Real Wood blinds have their advantages too. As a lighter material, Real Wood Venetians are also available in Perfect Fit blinds – another great choice for your home!

Sunwood Wooden Venetian Blind

50mm Urban Oak Slat

Have you made your choice?

At the end of the day, we’ve may have the know-how, but you have the final decision. Two perfectly stylish choices with their own advantages – think practicality, think style, think about what’s best for your desired location. Now that you know, best have a browse …